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After you've spent resources onboarding your new employees, the true task becomes retaining them. Finding top talent and keeping them around is what makes most growing businesses competitive. New technology and the changing workforce is shifting the age-old processes HR managers have relied on.

Workplace decisions affect human resources and their retention

Key human resources decisions are being made every day by organizations without any input from their human resource departments. For HR professionals, this lack of involvement should concern you.

Over 70% of the consultants say they will seriously consider resigning from public hospital posts unless salary terms are ‘corrected’.

Bärí A. Williams is an attorney and business operations executive and startup advisor in the tech industry. I spoke with Williams about the common misconceptions when defining diversity and inclusion, what companies in Silicon Valley could be doing to create a more inclusive workplace and the importance of representation.

"It wasn't the first time my key card failed, I assumed it was time to replace it." So began a sequence of events that saw Ibrahim Diallo fired from his job, not by his manager but by a machine.

Construction firms are rebuilding their recruitment and retention programs not only for more construction management workers, but also craft tradespeople. From looking into new demographics to offering leadership programs, construction companies are more aggressively trying to fill in the gaps left as older workers retire.

How to Recruit the Best Job Candidates

The accounting profession is changing, and that means the ways firms recruit and retain top-tier talent need to change, too. Recent graduates have much different expectations of work and career than a generation ago, and technology is changing the way that firms reach and develop relationships with potential new hires.

A firm that manages millions of job applications around the world suspects it has suffered a data breach.

It's predicted that automation will have a huge effect on the future of work, disrupting how U.S. companies recruit, hire and train workers, Axios reports. And without a national policy on automation's impact on jobs, or the duration of flat wages and future joblessness, businesses and municipalities across the country are trying to prepare for the possible takeover of hundreds of thousands of jobs, says Axios.

New legislation in Scotland will place a legal requirement on NHS boards and care services to have suitable staffing in place to ensure safe care.

Denise Goodman has been trying to figure out how to recruit foster parents for a long time. “I once recruited a foster home for Moses,” she joked in an interview with The Chronicle of Social Change.

Company scandals have been filling the headlines lately. As a result, jobseekers are more concerned about a company’s values. They want to work for an employer that aligns with what they believe is just and right.

Tackling the myths and reality of doctor recruitment, retention

In my column two weeks ago, I looked at what the Nova Scotia health authority’s been doing regarding the recruitment and retention of family doctors in this province.

Miss. Senator Leading Effort to Help Navy Recruit Sailors Needed for 355-Ship Fleet

Skills for Care says the sector is “under extreme stress” as major cities lose workers to retail and hospitality industries.

President Trump has signed into law a bill that will allow Secret Service employees who have exceeded the legislative pay cap to get paid for their lost overtime hours.

When you’re in a toxic office situation, it’s easy to blame the boss. Managers have gotten away with uncivil work environments in the name of ‘getting things done’ for decades, but with the rising tensions in the workforce and the winds of change blowing, incivility can cost organizations much more than hurt feelings. In many cases, the costs of incivility spreading throughout a corporate culture outweigh the benefits of ‘getting things done.’

Businesses believe that pension provision is having a positive impact on recruitment and employee retention, according to a recent study, but opinions are divided on whether retirement savings are seen as more than just a nice-to-have.

In my 35 years working in the private sector, the thing that appalls me most is incivility in the workplace. People who normally mind their Ps and Qs outside the office or shop can turn into the rudest individuals around. And people who are a little coarse to begin with turn into monsters. It affects everything in an organization from customer service to recruitment and retention.

3 ways to boost views for your job ad

how do you catch the attention of the Google algorithms to improve your ranking and get noticed? CareerBuilder proposes these three tips to optimise your job when it comes to showing up in searches.

HR Challenges? Your farm is not alone

Competing for talent and recruiting is number one concern among agribusinesses, according to new study.

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