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The latest tools and apps for employee communication, video messaging, employee engagement, recruiting, onboarding, retention, and more.

Digital technology should be changing the landscape of the business office. Despite that, when asked what workers say wastes most of their time at work, employees say that meetings and emails top their list of time wasters.

Why "Nobodies" Are the Key to Innovation

When corporate secrecy goes to far and excludes people inside the organization.

One of the challenges of a fast-growing business is internal communication – something Adam Twidell believes is crucial to a successful and happy workplace.

You can bring in all the talent you want to your organization, but all the ability in the world won’t work without a comprehensive employee onboarding system.

11 Ways to Improve Your Digital Workplace

Digital workplaces, and by extension, digital transformation, are not just about technology. They are about fundamentally changing the way we work.

The free annual summit features more than 60 presentations given by industry experts and thought leaders to help you revolutionize your role in your organization

Culture, A.I, and the Non-Desk Workforce

How is your new Artificial buddy impacting the desk-less workforce?

Facebook's new Workplace app, designed to compete with Slack and other instant messaging apps, is exploding in popularity.

While technology won’t replace humans entirely, we will need to rethink our purpose as learning professionals, writes Barry Johnson

How to beat fear and loathing of IT change

Your team's success depends on your ability to manage the anxieties, doubts, and fears that can lead to resistance amid change. Apply this expert advice, IT leaders

Video email communications have come a long way over the past decade. Will email be forever changed as a result?

More than a quarter of Irish employers experienced a workplace dispute in 2016, while almost one in five organisations experienced a personal injury claim last year, according to data from the Adare Human Resource Management HR Barometer.

A look at some of the benefits of improving your internal communications using your intranet platform and how it can be used to get the best results

It was an observation that was simple and direct, but one that I obviously overlooked on opening day of the HR Tech Conference & Expo in Las Vegas.

In most organizations, feedback for everyone from managers to employees is critical to improvement and success. While some corporate communications tools have improved this process in many cases, many more employees still crave more. How can managers provide crucial feedback to help improve their employees’ work?

Preventing Communication Fires: A Manager's Guide To Setting Expectations

How to manage expectations and prevent possible miscommunication issues with your employees from the HR department.

How Important is Employee Engagement to Executives?

Executives are getting the message about employee engagement.

Newly appointed Dropbox Australia and New Zealand country manager Tony Ward has dismissed the threat of major tech giants Google and Microsoft in the collaborative documents space, saying the company's big advantage is that it has only one focus.

HR Technology Trends for 2017

New research has revealed how HR managers and executives need to shift with the market to meet new expectations and satisfy shifting needs of employees.

Microsoft is ending Skype's foray into business communications, packaging its communications tools into Microsoft Teams, the company's challenge to workplace collaboration startup Slack.

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