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HR branding helps you find and keep the best employees, while fostering a culture of excellence. Great branding efforts need great internal content employees can respond to.

Progressive and forward-thinking companies are embracing diversity and inclusion as a viable way to stay relevant and maintain a stable and prosperous business. A diverse team will help you better understand different cultures and languages, which can strengthen your services and brand.

How you can build up your content marketing network to produce the right things for your employees, clients, and customers.

Connection is a key to employee engagement because we connect with our organizations through the people with whom we work, the mission and values of the organization, and the work we perform.

It’s 2009. You own a company that’s been doing fairly well. It’s not at the top of the field, but it’s comfortably living among the mid-range organizations in its business arena. Then the bottom falls out of its market.

Drive Referrals with Engaged Employees

Happy, engaged employees are key to recruiting top talent. As vital advocates of your company, they’re willing to amplify your recruiting efforts by referring candidates within their networks.

The Role of Community in Modern Branding

The idea of community has become a major focus of brands in many verticals. While traditional methods of marketing still have their place, community-building is now a critical part of any holistic branding strategy.

Keeping your entire staff informed can seem daunting, but a regular compilation of updates, profiles and events can do so thoroughly and efficiently. Here’s advice on getting it right.

Normally, branding and content refers to the marketing initiatives your company is pushing out to your target customers or target audience. But selling your brand to your own employees is as important for the long-term success of any company.

Drop the investor-centric fluff, and find the core story of what makes your company unique. Hopefully, that doesn’t consist of execs who demand backup planes to follow their private jets.

Branding builds businesses

Offlimit Communications introduces an all-new Brand Ambassador division

To win the hearts, minds and loyalty of customers, you must have a compelling and differentiated brand platform. But creating a business-to-business brand platform that is unique and engaging is a question of emphasis.

I love music. Love good songs. And I love to sing. It's safe to say the songs I usually like best are those with a strong vocal lead.

Brand New: The Power of Rebranding

You’ve heard about it. You’ve seen the results. Maybe you’ve even been part of a rebranding effort. But do you really understand what branding means?

The word of the day was ‘firestarters.’ An unusual expression for the more often used ‘brand ambassadors,’ firestarters captured the imaginations of attendees at the Employer Brand Management conference last week.

In the business world, a resourceful job seeker can find jobs in his or her field year-round. Similarly, a smart Human Resources manager can find excellent candidates for company positions year-round. Successful employee recruiting takes strategic thinking, inventive approaches, and an understanding of what will drive the company forward.

Employees want ways to get involved with CSR programs close to where they live and work ... and corporate communications can help.

CMO Kristina Cleary shares the branding strategy that drove Ceridian's acquisition of Dayforce in 2012.

Internal video communications come in all shapes and sizes. Some companies use internal communication tactics like livestreaming to communicate better and faster with remote and in-house employees. Here’s how scripted videos can help deliver information and build community in the workplace.

Employee communications solutions try to make communication what it really is—a two-way street. These solutions engage employees and urge them to participate in the communication exchange with management.

Corporate communication tools include the many platforms and systems Human Resources managers and company executives use to help their employees perform at their best and facilitate a web of communication between all workers. These tools can also be used help bridge the soft skills gap that can open in companies of all industries, particularly tech and software development.

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