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Retaining and attracting the best employees means offering more than competitive salaries. Thoughtful and useful benefits packages set up employees and your business for success. Just make sure you build communications systems that make it easy for your employees to sign up.

When seasoned attorney Artie McLaughlin started his law firm in 2016, he found that robust employee benefits were a must for retaining legal support talent, especially in a recovering job market.

Did you know that the employee benefits you offer employees can help you find the best new hires?

Here are a few strategic ways to dodge (or kind of answer) the question without sounding shady or defensive.

They’re now the largest generation in the workforce, but the business world is still trying to figure out millennials and what they want. It’s complicated.

Increases in employment income tax and NICs charges for employees and employers may arise as a result of recent changes to the taxation of flexible benefit packages and salary sacrifice arrangements.

Lyft is adding Guild Education as a benefit to its drivers in the US, the company announced Monday.

More than four-fifths (86%) of respondents cite pay as the most important aspect of their job, according to research by Paymentsense.

Employees come with costs. Not just the costs of wages and payroll taxes, but also expenses for employee benefits and a host of other things.

I’ve been speaking again to business psychologist Simon Kilpatrick, founder of Intrinsic Links. And it turns out that there’s actually a name for how fairly employees feel they’re being paid. It’s called “Equity Theory”.

The Employee Benefits practice group is pleased to present the Benefits Developments Newsletter for the month of November 2017.

Simply put, a pay approach is the method an organization uses to deliver base pay to its employees

Amazon’s headcount is growing by 40% year-over-year. It was the eighth-largest private employer in the US at the end of 2016, and it’s poised to climb those ranks quickly. The online retailer also announced plans to build a second US headquarters that will employ 50,000 employees. But Amazon’s growth comes at a cost.

It’s not easy being compliant, and administrators of employee benefits plans need to be on their toes lest they mess up and fail to satisfy one or more requirements.

As employees are asked to take on more responsibility for managing and financing their benefits, new research shows that employees want and need help making better decisions about their benefits.

Are you considering introducing an employee benefit scheme to your business? Providing your staff with benefits has many advantages including increasing the appeal to potential recruits and to boost the morale and productivity of the team.

Open enrollment is a stressful and exhausting time but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer.

Salaries are important, but sometimes benefits can be the most attractive piece of any compensation package. Get the word out with effective employee benefits communications.

“Millennials (29%) report that higher salary is the biggest contributor to their loyalty.” – Staples, AccessPerks.com

The Tax Bill is sweeping in scope and provides for significant changes to the U.S. Internal Revenue Code (the “Code”), including in the area of executive compensation and employee benefits.

Obituary for Equity Compensation

Stock Options had lived an exciting and robust life since the 1980s. Friends and associates attribute the success of their business and the growth of nearly all technology we enjoy today to Stock Options. Their surprising loss will change the course of history for years to come.

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