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Retaining and attracting the best employees means offering more than competitive salaries. Thoughtful and useful benefits packages set up employees and your business for success. Just make sure you build communications systems that make it easy for your employees to sign up.

As employees seriously impacted by hurricanes Harvey and Irma begin to come to grips with the devastation, they might be wise to take advantage of several existing benefits, industry experts say. In addition, HR and benefits managers may need to create some new ones immediately to help employees get back on their feet.

State labor leaders are pushing back against a set of proposed Workers Compensation regulations they claim will slash benefits to injured workers.

Female employees are paid less than male staff members at most job levels within Google, and the pay disparity extends as women climb the corporate ladder, according to data compiled by employees that provide a snapshot of salary information at the internet giant.

Less than one-third (30%) of employer respondents use people analytics to calculate the cost, impact, and return on investment (ROI) of reward and benefits in their organisation, according to research by Equiniti.

Becky Cantieri helped design an award-winning benefits program from scratch by listening to what employees want.

Employers are waiting nervously to see the effects of revealing salary information

A recent study found that a small percentage of employees know all four of the basic terms in healthcare coverage. Not only that, many respondents were confident in their incorrect answers. How can we bridge this information gap when it comes to employee benefits packages?

The road to today’s benefits packages and employee benefits communications have significantly changed since the establishment of the first employee pension plan in 1875 by the American Express railroad company. Pension plans represented the first step into the benefits landscape. Now, almost 150 years later, the classic pension plan is almost extinct in the private sector.

As Hurricane Harvey brings historic flooding to Texas, industry experts say employers have a very important role: to communicate benefits and other assistance to affected employees.

HR managers plan meticulously for Open Enrollment every year. With the circus coming yet again, here's how you can bring your employees up to speed quickly.

The Personnel Awards 2017 are coming up. Take a look at some of the nominees who have impressed judges so far.

Employee benefits websites have become very popular with HR departments across almost all industries in recent years. As more employee benefits systems move to the cloud or online, flexibility in benefits administration is key.

Why Mercer re-positioned its private exchange

A conversation between EBA and Sharon Cunninghis, Mercer Marketplace's US health and benefits leader, about Mercer's recent repositioning of its benefits marketplace.

How group voluntary benefits are changing

New players are entering the health insurance market, leading to major changes in group voluntary benefits. EBA interviewed Bill Bade, consulting actuary for Milliman, to find out just how these changes will affect employees in many industries.

Real Reasons For Asking Pay History

States across the country are banning inquiries into pay history at job interviews. Tax expert and accountant Larry Elkin explains the real reasons why, in the past, he has asked for pay history at his firm.

The first total solar eclipse visible in the United States since 1979 will occur on Monday, August 21st. For many workplaces throughout the country, especially in cities where it will be visible, this will cause disruptions. Many companies have embraced the rare celestial event, organizing viewing parties for their employees. But you should be aware of the potential pitfalls of this event for your company.

Wayne Wall himself explains the challenges for HR teams in not only getting the right messages to employees, but engaging them so they take action. With open enrollment for healthcare coverage right around the corner again, HR managers have to tighten up their employee benefits enrollment packages.

Employee benefits aren’t always easy to provide and communicate to the workers that need them. This is why Human Resources departments have to continually create new innovations in employee communications to help employees sign up for the benefits packages that are right for them. The HR industry in all sectors is already moving ahead with lightning speed in this area.

An adviser who cuts through the healthcare clutter

Meet Suzanne McGarey, an employee benefits adviser who sees the benefits process from the employee's side while helping her large corporate clients find the right plans for their organization and employees.

Employee video communications have become a useful tool for many HR departments across multiple industries.

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