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Retaining and attracting the best employees means offering more than competitive salaries. Thoughtful and useful benefits packages set up employees and your business for success. Just make sure you build communications systems that make it easy for your employees to sign up.

The big buzz in HR today is employee engagement. I view employee engagement through the lens of the overall effectiveness of a benefits program, not just at open enrollment, but year-round.

When you are deciding which benefits to offer, keep in mind that as a company scales, the cost of benefits will increase too. Covering the cost of gym memberships for 10 employees becomes a drastically different cost when your team grows to 100. Looking for some benefit inspiration? These tech companies go above and beyond.

Financial wellness programs are further cementing their place in workplace benefit plans, but challenges remain for employers in precisely defining what financial well-being means.

Employers can invest in technology to improve employees' benefits information

Employers such as Aon, BlackRock, Formstack and Fujifilm are deploying innovative strategies, often based on the latest technology trends, such as gamification, to break down these employee communication barriers. What follows is a look at the novel approaches these organizations are using to connect with their staffs.

The trend taking over employee communications and performance management in many industries right now is to abandon the performance rating and annual review in favor of a less formal approach with more frequent conversations. As an employee, I have always thought of the annual review as an exercise in demoralization.

Today, companies are embracing wellness programs and using them as a way to keep employees and the company in good shape. As employees continue to be more health-conscious, companies continue to encourage employees to stay healthy.

A new survey reveals that many millennials are spurning employment opportunities that fail to offer competitive employee benefits packages.

Carolyn Gordon, 46, has leveraged gaming strategies to help her 5,000 employees learn what’s in their employee benefits package. Fujifilm’s director of benefits says she’s seen the company transform over the last two decades, which brought in a younger workforce and new challenges. Gordon — who was named a 2017 recipient of an EBN Benefits Technology Innovator Award — spoke to Employee Benefit News about how the film company has utilized different technologies to keep her employees up-to-date on the latest benefit offerings. This interview has been edited and condensed.

It's time to make employee recognition part of the fabric of all organizations that rely on them.

An interview with Miranda Nicholson, new HR Director of Formstack, a global data management company that has greatly improved its employee benefits communications since Nicholson has been in the HR department. Read on to find out more about Nicholson's successful strategy.

Whether you place emphasis on teamwork or individual performance, it's essential to research which method will work best for you. Here are seven new trends top companies use to separate performance from compensation

Your employees have to know what benefits they can expect from your company. With a proper employee benefits communication plan, you can rest assured knowing that your employees have all their options laid out for them. Here's how you can do it.

Register with the Employee Benefit News Network to find out how to improve benefits communications efforts. You will connect with your employees and get better enrollment in benefits by following these tenets for employee engagement and internal communications. Human Resources professionals will also find this information useful.

Eleven Benefits Workers Want

Employers need to know which amenities and benefits they should offer their workers to attract and keep top talent. A ping pong table is great for tech startups, but most employees want something more substantial. With a changing workforce and workplace culture, here are eleven benefits that many employees are looking for when selecting a company to work for. This article is courtesy of Employee Benefit News.

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