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Retaining and attracting the best employees means offering more than competitive salaries. Thoughtful and useful benefits packages set up employees and your business for success. Just make sure you build communications systems that make it easy for your employees to sign up.

Financial wellness has long been a hot topic for employees and employers even before millennials started taking jobs while saddled with huge student debt amounts. With tax season mostly over, there’s no better time to discuss how you can help employees be more secure with their finances.

If someone tells you that employee benefits communication doesn’t matter when hiring and retaining skilled employees, they’re lying.

High-deductible health plans (HDHPs) can save your company a lot of money… but only if your employees enroll in them over other plans you offer. Educating employees about HDHPs and how they work is the best way to increase enrollment in these cost-saving plans, but what does that entail?

Almost every week, we read in the news of a company's data security breach, and personal information used for employee benefits is vulnerable to crooks and identity thieves.

Many types of benefits offer financial protection and peace of mind for employees, speakers from Mercer explained in a webcast.

Impact on Employee Compensation and Benefits

13 of the Most Bizarre Sick Day Excuses

HR departments are perpetually putting out fires and just such a fire is covering someone’s department when they call in sick.

Rising concerns over financial wellness plans like retirement programs are trickling down to younger generations of workers who want to plan ahead. Already, many companies are improving their retirement plan options for their employees, making them more streamlined and easy to use, to help provide for better employee financial wellness.

You’ve seen it before: an employee comes into work, but gets so little done they might as well have stayed home. These unproductive days can really add up.

Massachusetts employers will face new obligations regarding pregnant women and new mothers when the state’s new Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA) takes effect on April 1.

Uber Inc. and its health-care partner, Stride Health, want to make sure the Labor Department considers workers in the gig economy when drafting its final rule for the expansion of association health plans.

Cash is no longer king—at least for younger workers. Don’t skimp on benefits such as health insurance, paid time off and flexible scheduling.

You’ve probably heard of how millennials are taking over the workforce, creating drastic changes in offices and the very nature of work itself. As a result of Generation Y entering careers and the workforce over the past decade or so, companies have to compete to lure up-and-coming talent, and employee benefits is one way to do that.

Eight in 10 employees say employers should provide access to opportunities that help them succeed, according to a new survey from Prudential Financial Inc.

Out of 15 best places to work for compensation and benefits, Oakland, Calif.-based Kaiser Permanente snagged the No. 2 spot, according to an analysis by Indeed.

Business Spotlight: A Vision for Human Resources

Seven years after the landmark Affordable Care Act was signed into law, human resources firms are still reaping the benefits of added regulations in the marketplace.

Walter Winter, vice president and technology practice leader at Parker, Smith & Feek, is driving down the cost of employee benefits without diminishing the value of the health plan.

College graduates are entering the workforce with student loan debt averaging about $35,000. Some are finding a new partner in paying those huge monthly bills: their employer.

Fragmented HR can lead to roadblocks or even complete breakdown, of employee experiences. We look at how employers can inspire the workforce by simply connecting the HR dots

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