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Getting your new employees off and running on the right foot takes careful planning and supportive employee onboarding systems. Onboarding programs that prepare employees for their work and your corporate culture often determine whether workers stay or go.

I know this from personal experience: All the hard work recruiters do to land great talent can get washed away if the new employee has a bad onboarding experience when they start their new job.

Approximately half, or 49%, of Singapore’s financial employers have had an employee resign during their probation period due to poor onboarding processes, with 27% losing the employee during their first month because of it, according to survey data from Robert Half.

Questions you should ask as you’re measuring your sales training program’s return on expectations (ROE) and return on investment (ROI).

Organizations must consider the value of mobile optimized recruitment strategies, or risk losing out on top talent. That is the advice of global talent acquisition and management firm, Alexander Mann Solutions.

More companies are scouring job candidates’ online personas for racist and other red-flag comments. That hasn’t kept social-media trails from morphing into hiring minefields.

Here's how to create a highly engaged employee experience and thus retain the best employees.

Technology is a vast space -- it moves incredibly fast and it is incredibly important to identify, engage and onboard top talent. Bringing top talent into your technology team is a key differentiator in the output process. How do you create a better product? How do you bring it to market faster? How do you positively affect and deepen your impact in the technology revolution?

The average large US business loses $47 million in productivity each year as a direct result of inefficient knowledge sharing. According to the Panopto Workplace Knowledge and Productivity Report, U.S. knowledge workers waste 5.3 hours every week either waiting for vital information from their colleagues or working to recreate existing institutional knowledge.

Today’s younger workforce expects self-service HR tools to help them with everything from onboarding as a new employee to setting up payroll and performing standard HR tasks. But a company’s size usually determines whether or not it offers DIY HR tools to its workforce.

According to Rostow Ravanan, Mindtree CEO and MD, a bot helps a human balance life, giving it a chance to go out and learn new skills.

Normally I think of onboarding along two dimensions: efficiently handling the administrative work and welcoming a person onto the team so they can be effective. Onboarding, even the basic administrative work, can be hard to do, and technology can help a lot. However, I was particularly impressed with how Accenture is using HR technology (in this case SilkRoad) to move onboarding four steps forward.

"We are extremely optimistic about the Flipkart-Walmart deal in India, to solve India-centric problems, which pique investors’ interest for the long run. Thereby this deal boosts further confidence in startups and entrepreneur," says Prasad Rajappan, Founder & CEO at Zing in an exclusive Interview with BW People.

Results reveal that broken employee onboarding processes damper morale and productivity.

Summer is underway and for a lot of businesses, it is also slow season! With slow season comes more time to revamp your brand message and bring on new employees for a fresh perspective. Whether it be new college grads or someone changing careers or direction, Employee Onboarding in the summer season can present opportunities for both parties.

67 percent of high-performing companies have a structured new-hire onboarding process.

At the recent WorldatWork’s 2018 Total Rewards Conference Pearl Meyer announced three comprehensive surveys aimed at helping HR professionals understand current trends in compensation and hiring. Each of these periodic reports, updated for 2018, includes detailed information that cannot readily be obtained from other data sources.

Security teams should not assume a machine learning programme can hit the ground running – there needs to be an onboarding process.

Hiring and keeping star employees is every organization's goal and comes with several challenges. Perhaps the biggest of which is just that -- it's every organization's goal.

Accenture earned top honors, the Outstanding Talent Activation Award By personalizing the new joiner experience, Accenture ensures this “moment that matters” to each person reflects their role, location, experience, and any number of factors.

Some companies view on-boarding as something to do that has little impact on the company other than allowing new-hires the opportunity to fill out numerous forms or read company policies and history. But employee onboarding is much more than this.

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