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The Boss Wants You Back in the Office

Managers demand more collaboration and greater control over the workday, but bringing workers back isn’t easy

Tapping Into Goldfish Attention Spans

How do you communicate with business teams in a world of ever-shortening attention spans?

Corporate communication tools come in all shapes and sizes. Many are cloud-based, allowing your employees to access their hubs and use them to reach the entire organization. Managers can use these portals to train employees, recognize employees, drive benefits enrollment, and much more, even with remote employees in a large organization.

With the goal of engaging workers, Australian mining company uses StaffConnect employee communications mobile app to keep workers informed and connected in the field.

Employee video communications using “digital video postcards” has been shown to improve overall employee engagement. The data collected and reported in Flimp Communications 2017 Employee Video Communications Report, proves it. Why are these campaigns so successful?

Internal employee communications is all about the proper training to get everyone on the same page.

Today is the fourth world emoji day. It was first celebrated on July 17, 2014 by Jeremy Burge, the founder of Emojipedia. Why July 17? Because that’s the date on your calendar emoji.

All corporate communication tools are designed to help employers engage and communicate with their diverse employees. Recruiting millennials will take some extra corporate communications expertise.

Gaining buy-in from employees and motivating them to value safety is crucial to building a strong safety culture in an organization. Yet when safety professionals are asked to identify their top challenges on the job, employee engagement is always at the top of the list.

Flexible, cloud-based platform provides new standard for communication and collaboration

Employee communication videos have become the latest fashionable internal communication channel across multiple industries in recent years. These videos and other digital internal communications channels work well because they convey information more easily and with greater efficiency than other, more traditional forms of internal communication and employee engagement. Animated explainer videos are becoming increasingly common because of their power to engage and explain.

Internal video communication has spread throughout many industries and organizations of all kinds like a virus. A good virus. Video communication comes in many forms, but it is almost always more effective than traditional internal communication, employee communication, and employee engagement strategies

6 steps to a great benefits communications plan

Organizations that successfully execute change management and communications programs are three-and-a-half times more likely to outperform their peers. Why is that?

A good video communication agency can produce digital content for your internal communications system that can sometimes more clearly get your message across to employees and managers effectively. Here are three ways a video communication agency can make your internal communications content can’t-miss.

“An engaged workforce is optimal from an organizational performance point of view.” - Peter J. Martel, senior talent development consultant at Harvard Business School (Harvard University)

Engaging your younger generations in the workplace is a whole different ball game from employee communication and employee engagement for others. It requires more mutual understanding and flexibility, something other generations aren’t always willing to fight for.

If your company is not using digital communications in the workplace, you are being left in the dark ages.

Technology is changing the way people communicate, both inside and outside of the office, but email is still the top communication tool.

As the corporate world in South Africa continues to grow, organisations must implement an effective communications strategy in order to remain successful.

A team leader in any organization must not only get the message of management across to all team members, he or she has to foster better employee engagement, communication, and collaboration. In complex working environments with remote workers and cross-functional team members, team leaders can get better results from employee collaboration by following these basic principles.

Q&A: Productivity in the workplace

The enterprise messenger market has grown significantly in recent years, leading to predictions that in the future, working professionals will largely communicate using team messengers.

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