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Mapping the Value of Employee Collaboration

As collaboration within and among organizations becomes increasingly important, companies must improve their management of the networks where it typically occurs.

10 Ways to Create a Culture of Open Communication

Creating a culture of open communication can be one of the best ways to inspire excellent performance, improve employee morale, and foster a warmer corporate culture.

How to Enhance Internal Communications

Open and transparent communication is being treated as an integral part of a great workplace. Open communication can foster trust between colleagues, push the team towards high performance, and create a strong employee-employer connect.

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Don’t Put Your Message in a Bottle

Video has become an essential part of all things communication; from the way we transmit on social channels, to the eye-catching sidebar animations to alert us to relevant services and products. With the ever-lurking promise of holographic video conferencing ‘just around the corner’; it illustrates just how important video can be for communication in and around our organisations.

Planning Your Internal Communications Video Strategy

When overseeing inductions or staff training, the worst fear for L&D managers is having a sea of glazed-over faces staring blankly in your direction. We’ve all been there, and it’s enough to give even the most cool-headed of characters severe pangs of anxiety.

5 Uses For VoIP Technology

When VoIP technology first hit the market, it was immediately clear that it would be a game changer. The extent of this, though, has surpassed any predictions that might have been made. Apps such as Skype have not only revolutionised communications for individuals. They have made business communications easier, more affordable and accessible to a mobile workforce.

More than one-third (36%) of employee respondents cite increased productivity as a benefit of using wearable technology in the workplace, according to research by office search engine organisation Office Genie.

For some organizations, employee turnover and employee engagement go hand-in-hand with the financial security each employee is feeling. Many employees feel disengaged with their organization, especially at low-wage positions.

Employee Communications start with intelligent employee talent acquisition. In today’s mobile-driven world, recruiting on social media is increasingly important.

Internal communications has always taken a backseat when it comes to business priorities. Diving into the world of digital internal comms can seem overwhelming, but there are actually a few simple ways to kick-start your digital journey:

Learn How to Create an Internal Communications Plan with Pam Didner

Internal communication may be easily taken for granted, but before marketers can put their creative thinking caps on, they need to organize workflows and knit the group together through tools and processes. Pam Didner is a marketing consultant, speaker, author, and a recognized thought leader on the subject of global content marketing. As she writes in her recently published guide How To Develop a World-Class Internal Communications Plan, such preparations are “extremely important for the long-term success of a business.”

Technology has brought a revolution to human resource management and corporate culture. It has changed recruitment, training, the use of data and the performance management process. But the technology revolution is only just beginning.

We Need Broadcast Quality for Enterprise Videos

Tom Ohanian, VitecEV’s VP of product development & product marketing, describes the closing gap between corporate video and quality broadcast.

Can You Manage Employees You Rarely See?

Growing work-at-home trend poses challenges for managers, who need to be more deliberate about managing remote workers. Creating virtual communities helps in managing remote employees

How Engaged Is Your Remote Workforce?

Working remotely is most effective when there's a home-office balance. Remote workers say they make a lot of progress in their day and autonomy and flexibility could give rise to better performance.

How well a message is communicated is as important as the message itself. When it comes to internal communications, this certainly holds true. What your culture consists of – goals, values, and practices – must be effectively transmitted for employees to understand and act upon it. Therefore, it’s essential to focus not just on what you’re communicating but also how you’re communicating it.

You may have some of the tools you need to effectively communicate with your team, but are you communicating as effectively as you can? Here’s how to be truly engaged with your colleagues.

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