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The big secret to employee engagement

No matter what, Gallup and all the other top firms consistently report that only 30-35% of employees are ever engaged. Year after year we wake up to the news that only one-third of employees in America actually enjoy going to work; it’s the new norm for the 21st century. Am I the only one who finds this incredibly depressing and unacceptable? If I may, where are employers failing the other 65-70%?

Fear not, recruiters and HR personnel! Robots, algorithms, and digital programs won’t be taking your job just yet. While employee onboarding videos and automated onboarding software is rapidly making an impact in the recruiting process, a balance must remain between automated solutions and a human touch.

Employee recruiting has been likened to hunting, and there is a saying that you go hunting where the ducks are. Translated into recruitment, you go looking for candidates where you are most likely to find them. These days, that means the internet and social media.

As we move towards a paperless -- and email-free workplace, how will the office of the future look in five years time?

Managers are often worried about remote teams being unruly or untrustworthy, but I’ve found that the opposite is true. If you’ve done your due diligence when hiring members of a remote team and made sure they’re both qualified and motivated, you’ll have a much easier time keeping them focused on the company’s interests.

HR tech, meet HR’s vast life cycle. And it takes a special kind of manager these days to marry the two.

What new Microsoft Teams' new voice calling software adds to the platform and how you can use it.

Shifts in Communications and the Workplace

Due to increased connectivity, communication and collaboration, there is a growing importance for businesses to adopt new digital tools.

Advanced data-driven technology is rapidly making its way into the HR industry as businesses are focusing more on creating an employee-oriented corporate culture. How will this affect HR practices in the future?

2018 Data Center & Colocation Projections

In this week’s Voices of the Industry, Mark W. Jobson, Director of Product Marketing for Iron Mountain’s data center business unit, discusses 2018 data center and colocation projections, and what the next year may hold for the two industries.

Clear communication is critical in the workplace, yet many enterprise-wide training schemes still aren’t making the connection between communication and the language skills required.

Digital Working Puts People First

Businesses must use technology to enable people - not compete with or replace them.

HR training videos, as we all know have, in many workplaces, taken the place or offered a significant supplement to in-person employee orientations. What is the advantage to moving training to a video platform?

The days of forcing all workers to be within your four walls and using your proprietary software and hardware are long gone. Flexibility is here to stay.

Twitter is hosting an event next month at one of tech's largest global conferences that will feature only high-profile female speakers.

The executive director of Engage for Success on the dangers of technology, and engagement in the age of Brexit.

Delegation not only saves you stress and time, it's a necessary behavior all managers must exhibit well.

We should maximize the use of technology at work!

However, voice communication is not dying -- it's transforming into something much more flexible and particularly useful for businesses.

How do you measure collaboration ROI?

Measuring collaboration return on investment in a unified communications setting involves benchmarking employee application usage before and after deployment.

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