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Engaging millennials is more important now than ever for businesses and Human Resources departments. Generation Y is changing the face of work in many industries and businesses large and small need to adapt to their needs or risk losing out on burgeoning talent.

How to Market Your Workplace Culture to Millennials

11 October 2018
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The race for better Millennial engagement and overall employee communications has made this question commonplace: When applying for a new position, do you tend to look over the company’s website and social media pages to view their work and corporate culture?

This is how most companies market themselves not only to their customers but to their applicants as well. Social media, especially, has become an important tool when trying to portray the workplace culture to increase millennial engagement. Companies will be judged by if they, in fact, have social pages, if they update them regularly and if they have relevant content. Millennials are attracted to more progressive businesses that utilize upcoming technology to put their brand message out there. According to an article on the job search site article on millennials and job searching, “Millennials look to online resources that provide insights into jobs, companies, salaries, interviews and reviews from candidates who have interviewed with specific companies for specific jobs, says Lesley Mitler, co-founder of Early Stage Careers in New York City”.

Not only are millennials using online media to search for potential careers, they are doing their research to see what that company can offer their future. Transparency is key when trying to showcase your business, but it takes a bit more to keep the millennial engagement intact.

Marketing your workplace culture ultimately boils down to three things:

  1. Consistency
  2. Creativity
  3. Authenticity

How can these three important factors be translated into effective actions in order to attract the qualified applicants?

Show Behind the Scenes Shots of Projects and Work

Every applicant would like to see the type of work they potentially will be helping with in the future. If you can show some snapshots of what your company is involved in at the moment and how you are working as a team to tackle it, it will be a deciding point for if they will fit into the workplace environment or not. Plan and pair these shots on your website and social media pages to improve millennial engagement and traction. This allows the creativity factor to be put into place by finding different ways to show off your company efforts.

Showcase employees and their Accomplishments

Millennials are all about feedback and being recognized for their achievements. When they see that your company has a focus on rewarding your employees and showing that you appreciate their hard work, they will most likely want to apply. Also, introducing staff members on your website and social media pages is a great way for potential employees to see the people they will be working with. This is where the consistency comes into play; placing a strong importance on employee accomplishments on a consistent basis shows how dedicated your company is to the success of your staff.

Show Day-to-Day Work Life

Show your weekly meetings, your company outings, or just your company dog! When you authentically show your daily work life and the tasks involved, applicants will know what to expect but also will be able to decipher if they are cut out for the job or not. Millennial engagement will depend on how transparent you are and how well your team works together to achieve the overall common goal.

Don’t be Scared to Show the Fun Side of the Business

Have fun with it! Don’t take yourself so seriously; allow your potential employees to see the lighter side of the business. Millennials search for companies that honor the work-life balance idea, and when you can show that your current employees enjoy going to work, it can make a difference. Examples of fun content would be celebrating a national holiday in the office, birthdays, company happy hours, etc.

When you take advantage of online sources like social media and your website content and keep consistency, creativity and authenticity in mind, millennial engagement will improve, as will employee communication. Make sure you show your projects, showcase employee accomplishments, day-to-day work life and the fun side of the business! This will allow qualified candidates to do their research and get excited about a position at your company!

Hannah Greenwood

Hannah Greenwood is 25 years old and originally from Manchester, NH. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from Barry University in Miami, FL. Hannah runs Blonde Boss Media, which helps small local businesses achieve their marketing goals. Hannah writes about Millennials in the workplace for ECC.

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