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Employee Engagement Tools That Work: Digital Postcards

27 July 2017
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Employee engagement tools are changing and becoming more efficient at conveying information by the day. One of the exciting new phenomena sweeping employee communication strategies and HR departments is the digital postcard. How can you use this tool to your advantage?

Since employee engagement became all the rage for Human Resources departments across almost all industries, employee engagement tools have adapted, grown, and expanded, becoming more sophisticated in how they reach employees and how they measure the success or failure of new initiatives. Digital postcards are a return to simplicity, and as a result, they have become one of the most effective of all employee engagement tools in recent years.

Digital postcards are exactly what they sound like. They convey simple, easy-to-access information using figures, pictures, and videos. The goal for any digital postcard is to eliminate the time-consuming and soul-crushing time employees spend trying to get the information they need. Here is an example from Flimp Communications:

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Video is powerful, not only because in this day and age, employees don’t have time to read huge packets of information about all the benefits they could be receiving and how to write a proper memo. If pictures are worth a thousand words, then videos are worth a thousand pictures.

HR Directors need to constantly be aware of the next big trend in employee engagement tools, and the next big trend is already here. In terms of creating communication tools and modules that get results, digital postcards are the trend of the future because of their ease of use and accessibility.

Based on data compiled in a study of 200 digital postcard campaigns designed to record the effectiveness of employee engagement tools by Flimp Communications, employee engagement using digital postcards was about 76%.

Of course, using digital postcards as effective employee engagement tools requires a network of employees willing to access your employee network and get the information they need. Sometimes a cloud-based server is the best way to give employees easy access to this content and information. Keeping employees engaged is not only about employee engagement tools, but also the medium on which those tools are available.

In addition to the medium and the employee engagement tools themselves, the organizational culture has to foster and nurture employee communication and engagement systems. In other words, a commitment to engaging with employees has to come from the top-down.

All employee engagement tools, like any other tools, have to be used correctly to get results. Digital postcards can be used in different ways to convey different information. It’s up to HR professionals and managers to determine how they can use digital postcards effectively in their arsenal of employee engagement tools. Know how your employees consume information and what they need, and you can’t go wrong.

Ben Renner

Ben Renner is an HR expert, writer, and Senior Editor of the Employee Communications Council. He has lived and managed his own business in Denver, Colorado since 2013. Connect with him on LinkedIn:

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