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Insightful blog posts written by corporate communications professionals on ways to improve employee engagement, organizational change management and internal communication strategies

Today, companies are embracing wellness programs and using them as a way to keep employees and the company in good shape. As employees continue to be more health-conscious, companies continue to encourage employees to stay healthy.

Internal communication has a deep effect on employee retention. The ability of managers, executives, and the employees themselves to get their information across prevents frustration on the part of workers on all levels of an organization and makes company goals, as well as individual employee goals, crystal clear.

Is the millennial generation taking over your workplace? Are you an HR professional trying to manage employee communications with a major generation gap within your staff? There is no over-the-counter prescription for this but that is why I am here, as a millennial, to fill in the gap and make sense of this unique group of individuals.

Employee communication and talent is the lifeblood of any company. Sometimes the best thing a potential new employee can add to an organization is their personality and communication style. But qualifications are a huge part of any onboarding process. How do you balance personality with qualifications?

It's time to make employee recognition part of the fabric of all organizations that rely on them.

A large part of employee communications is finding the right talent for the right job. What happens when you get the right person in the wrong position?

Technology has brought a revolution to human resource management and corporate culture. It has changed recruitment, training, the use of data and the performance management process. But the technology revolution is only just beginning.

Hello and welcome to the Employee Communications Council (ECC). You’ll find timely, relevant, and useful information and research on the ever-changing fields of employee communications, employee engagement, and internal communications. Because this is a rapidly changing arena, my team and I will be constantly updating this blog section with new content focusing on the many facets of employee communication.

Employee communication starts before candidates become employees. Recruiting and onboarding starts from the moment your organization selects a candidate to bring on board. To help orient potential new employees and select the ones perfect for your organization, here are some questions to pose to your candidates.
Corporate Social Responsibility has become more important to organizations across all industries in recent years for a variety of reasons. Employees want to work for companies that put Corporate Responsibility high on their priorities list. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it helps engage employees and build brand loyalty.
Employee engagement helps organizations develop a corporate culture, but what does that mean and how does it help a growing business?
In a world where over half of consumers don’t trust paid advertising and an overwhelming majority trusts earned promotions, branding is everything. A good brand is one that stays positive in a customer’s mind. In order to avoid souring the brand and losing a chunk of your customer base, your company has to be fully aligned with the brand story and identity top to bottom. You need the tools and the strategy to reach your employees.

Employee communication becomes more complicated when those employees are working remotely. Here are five tips to improve coordination across remote teams.

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