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Employee communications is becoming more common in HR departments across all industries. As the workforce and the nature of work itself are shifting, technology needs to shift with it. See what video communication technology can do for you.

Employee Video Communication: Will Live Stream Video Make an Impact?

05 September 2017
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Employee video communication is the future of business. Videos express ideas succinctly and engage employee attention far better than a poster email. Most forward-facing companies have already started to incorporate video into their employee communication systems, but the truly advanced companies are starting to use live stream video.

As with any technological shift, there are concerns and fears. Using live stream technology for employee video communication has the same issues:

Live stream video can be intimidating.

What if something goes wrong?

What if I get a virus?

What if I can’t figure out how to work the tech?

What if nobody watches?

These are valid questions, but not stuff you should worry about. Live stream systems are easy to use, and the possible risks are outweighed by two major benefits: employee training and international communication.

Live stream will improve employee video communication training

Employee video communication, as we all know, is the best way to handle company training. Video content sticks in an employee’s mind because it’s personable, engages all of the senses, and can convey complicated information efficiently.

Despite all the advantages of using employee video communication to conduct training, there are still a few drawbacks

What if employees have questions about the material being presented?

What if the training requirements need to be changed or customized at the last minute?

What if you don’t have money to put together a formal video?

These concerns can all be fixed by incorporating live stream into your employee video communication training. Let’s address them one by one!

What if employees have questions about the material being presented? If employees are being trained via live stream, you can make sure that your trainer sticks around for a question-and-answer session. This way all questions are addressed right away.

What if the training requirements need to be changed or customized at the last minute? No longer an issue! You can now change the training materials or script at any time, even during the broadcast because you’re streaming and not putting together a scripted video.

What if you don’t have money to put together a formal video? Live stream has got you covered. There are undeniable benefits to splashing out on effects and sound for employee video communication, but live stream is an amazingly interactive and low budget alternative. It can be as simple as having all your employees watch from their Facebook accounts, giving them the same information at a fraction of the cost.

Live stream will make global employee video communication easy

Business has gone global. We use employee video communication with clients, coworkers, CEOs, managers, supervisors, and everyone in between from around the world. You might be called upon to give a presentation to the Bangkok office one day and deliver a training seminar to the New York office the next. Since it’s physically impossible to do those things in person, live video is here for you.

The business implication of being able to stream video anywhere, anytime, to anyone, has a staggering impact on the employee video communication systems in large businesses. The most obvious benefit to video live stream is when a CEO or executive who travels frequently needs to give an important speech or handle a sensitive company matter personally while they’re abroad. The personal touch of employee video communication combined with the flexibility of live stream means that being on a business trip won’t stop company higher-ups from being able to do what they do best.

The other global benefit of incorporating live stream capabilities into employee video communications is interacting with clients and coworkers from other countries. Conducting critical employee meetings over email can be maddening, as everyone has a ton of follow-up questions and it can take several times longer than you had budgeted for. If you have these meetings with live, streaming video, you can take care of everyone’s ideas and concerns all in one go! Plus, frankly, if you are working with anyone from a non-English speaking country it will be much easier over video instead of over text or email.

So, what do you think? Will you be using live stream video in the future for your employee video communication? Don’t forget to share this on social media with your comments, questions, and concerns!

Elizabeth Woodard

Liz Woodard is an office veteran who's fascinated by office dynamics and believes that applied behavioral psychology can go far towards managing a company well. Find her at http://www.lizwoodard.com/.

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