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Employee communications is becoming more common in HR departments across all industries. As the workforce and the nature of work itself are shifting, technology needs to shift with it. See what video communication technology can do for you.

Three Ways a Video Communication Agency can Improve Employee Health

04 October 2017
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Research has demonstrated that video is an extremely powerful way to communicate with employees. People remember what they see and hear far better than what they read. And they are more likely to watch something than read it. The impact of a video communication agency is, therefore, wide-ranging and can turn up in interesting ways. For instance, it can improve employee health.

The most obvious way a video communications agency can improve your employees' health is in communicating and tailoring healthcare benefit options. Let's face it, explaining healthcare benefits is complex because healthcare benefits are an intricate package of technical information. Most employees are not experts on insurance, nor are they med school grads. Few people are going to read and understand any communication about healthcare options.

But put it in a video, designed and filmed by professionals, and you will find people absorb the information. In fact, it’s so effective that healthcare providers themselves use it for (among other things) to educate patients with on-demand video.

When people understand their benefits, they are much more likely to utilize them effectively, and when that happens, health improves.

Two of the easiest ways to improve health is weight-loss and exercise. Simply put, if you aren't overweight and if you keep moving (the two are linked), you are going to be healthier. YouTube is littered with videos of weight-loss and exercise challenges.

A custom tailored challenge or program for employees, with appropriate recognition, are even more effective. And they are easy to create.

Until quite recently, our society has not wanted to talk at all about mental health. The stigma is fading slowly, but there is no doubt that mental health is a concern that still goes unaddressed. In one survey, only 24% of respondents said their organizations even have a mental health strategy.

Yet, programs that allow employees to raise complaints, receive recognition and so on can play a huge role in employees' mental wellness. Video communications can be watched in private and can address uncomfortable subjects while overcoming the stigma attached to these issues.

While some videos can be produced by the HR team or the employees themselves, as in livestream videos, a video communication agency gives HR managers control over the quality and content of these videos and ensures that they are produced with the company’s core vision and goals in mind.

Jeff Myhre

Jeff is a writer and editor with 35 years’ experience in business, economics and politics. He holds a PhD from the London School of Economics and a BA from the University of Colorado.

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