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Employee Communications Tools and Apps Making a Difference in HR

09 November 2018
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Employee communications tools and apps can make a huge difference in office morale, internal communications, onboarding, recruiting, and many other issues Human Resources professionals work with every day. Here are a few tools and apps developments in particular that made waves in 2018.

HR Security and Payment Apps

Working with a distributed workforce has never been easier. It’s no wonder why more workers are completing their tasks in their pajamas. While there are questions about contract work and compensation for these remote workers, keeping them happy with fast payments and easy-to-use online dashboards is now easier than ever for businesses and HR departments.

One example of an HR app making things easier for remote workers is the relatively new Rippling app. Created by disgraced former Zenefits CEO Parker Conrad, Rippling offers a combined employee management system with authentication, security, benefits, and payroll features built in. Company leaders can onboard new employees quickly and get them working in the right teams or groups right away. Users can also make sure their employees get paid on time.

HR and security are becoming more intertwined by the day. A recent article by Donna Kimmel in Forbes spelled out specific ways that HR and IT security can work better together to create a safe, secure, easy digital workplace for everyone. Kimmel highlights security measures embedded in the employee onboarding process and the training and compliance programs employees use. Employees know from the moment they start their new position how to protect their workplace and data. This is doubly true for remote workers as well, who need to protect tools and apps just like in-office workers do.

Artificial Intelligence Tools and Apps are Here

Employee communications will never be the same with Artificial Intelligence (AI) rapidly disrupting how we work. AI is already affecting HR in profound ways, creating new methods for HR leaders and company executives to identify and hire the best job candidates, assist employees with everyday tasks no matter where they are, and help employees secure their HR information.

One fundamental way AI is making life easier for HR professionals is by predicting outcomes for all kinds of situations with its ability to process data incredibly fast. Recruiters can input a few datapoints about a prospective candidate, for example, and see instantly what they can expect in job performance if the employee is hired. AI makes employee communications initiatives customizable and adaptable to all situations. It makes the dissemination of information more efficient and gives more employees more options when it comes to their own tools and apps, benefits, and information.

It’s easy to accuse AI bots and programs of not having emotions and therefore being unable to solve problems in the workplace like sexual harassment, but AI systems can make it much easier for employees to report problems without being faced with the threat of retribution or leaders ignoring their claims. An AI app launched by noted memory scientist Julia Shaw in February, called Spot, gives employees a better way to report office abuse and other issues using a web-based chatbot. The app is based on interview techniques created by psychologists and used in police departments to create a recorded narrative as sound and accurate as possible. The app also protects employee anonymity if needed. The chatbot adapts to the respondent’s initial description and responses to its prompts to generate questions getting at the full facts of a specific incident.

Customizable Employee Content

And finally, while AI isn’t always necessary for customizable employee content, the adaptability of AI-enabled tools and apps make it possible for employers to build their own customized employee communication templates, perfect for explaining benefits issues, showing employees new procedures, and even making it possible for employees to enroll in and participate in company-wide initiatives. Starting with a template, HR leaders can make it much easier to get employees the information they need about their benefits coverages, compensation, and more with employee information forms and videos they fill in with their own content.


AI is not only being used directly in many new employee communications tools and apps these days, it’s laying the groundwork for customized employee videos and intranets across all industries. What a time to be alive—and working in HR!

Ben Renner

Ben Renner is an HR expert, writer, and Senior Editor of the Employee Communications Council. He has lived and managed his own business in Denver, Colorado since 2013. Connect with him on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ben-renner-97708099/

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