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For HR departments, training employees to fit within government regulations is crucial. New advancements in communications are making it possible to train remote workers and spread compliance messages to hundreds of employees at once.

Business leaders have come to accept that workforce analytics and planning are important to internal communications and the future success of their companies. At the same time however, those who believe their companies are good at it are a small minority. Most C-suite executives acknowledge an execution gap between what workforce analytics can do for them and what they currently get from analytics and planning.

In today's tech-obsessed workplaces, loose lips are giving way to freewheeling fingers. Sensitive business information can easily cross network boundaries with an ill-advised email, chat message or on a cloud file sharing service.

Children's Health receives nearly 28 million emails a month. While about 90% of malicious messages are caught by a sophisticated firewall, some still manage to sneak through.

If your employee engagement indicators have taken a dip recently, perhaps you’re not asking the right survey questions. Company executives too often get positive responses on their employee engagement surveys but find other indicators of employee engagement, like overall morale and productivity, sagging. You need employee engagement survey questions that get to the heart of the issues and provide useful metrics to guide your employee engagement strategy.

Gaming has solidified itself in the modern world as a part of our everyday lives and has encompassed our culture. According to a study done by Essential Facts, in 2016 more than 60% of households in America had someone who plays video games regularly. The constant rewards from mastering objectives and being pushed forward to master more and more make games addictive.

Human Resources managers have to manage compliance at all levels of an organization, including adherence to fair labor and employment practices. One way Human Resources departments get into trouble with compliance is when they are faced with age discrimination claims

Compliance is a huge component of success in many industries that have tight regulations to follow. Any business that has to follow a set of strict, unbending laws, such as the financial institutions, must create a scaffold of internal reporting and internal communications systems that ensure compliance on all levels

Successful employers with many engaged, productive, and happy employees are investing in training, educational benefits, and more for their workforce.

Details always matter. Adding to a team can be tricky. So we asked 10 entrepreneurs: How do you welcome new employees and make them part of your culture?

CEOs Need Mentors, Too

Even CEOs need mentors to help them rise to challenges and prepare for success. Mentors provide crucial personalized training to rising stars and help professionals of all levels succeed.

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