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For HR departments, training employees to fit within government regulations is crucial. New advancements in communications are making it possible to train remote workers and spread compliance messages to hundreds of employees at once.

Of course HR managers or executives are monitoring their employees' communications, but how far can you go?

Big Brother has its eye on bank employees

Large banks have begun using IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence software to monitor employees for signs of misconduct.

Whether your organization is a large global conglomerate or a mid-sized company, mitigating risk associated with EHS and sustainability – while preserving your financial health – is challenging.

Employee video communications solve many problems for organizations and company leaders, but what happens when monitoring employees using this technology goes too far?

Employee engagement videos are often seen as a quick fix to employee engagement problems. While videos can help with engagement, onboarding, internal communication, and more, they aren’t a panacea. What other myths are damaging employee engagement?

HR benefits videos improve the overall employee experience, and not only employee engagement, by providing information quickly and easily to all employees during the onboarding and even the recruiting processes.

In a study performed by Adestra, 82.9% of people check their emails randomly throughout the day. Over a fifth of the participants worry they will look less dedicated than their counterparts if they do not constantly check their emails during the day. What if emails and HR communication videos could decrease stress?

Verizon Hit by Another Amazon S3 Leak

Verizon’s cybersecurity strategy has been found wanting again after researchers found a trove of sensitive corporate data in a publicly accessible Amazon S3 bucket, which could have given attackers access to parts of its network.

Whether you like it or not, corporate communication tools are being delegated to artificial intelligence to help provide instant answers and information to employees and hiring managers in all kinds of industries and businesses. How is AI intersecting with HR?

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best is the best advice for most business owners. Here's how you can protect yourself from disaster.

Employee communications videos have quickly changed how Human Resources departments manage company-wide communications. How did this happen?

SCORM stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model. SCORM standards are a set of requirements for e-learning courses. It’s a widely-used industry standard that serves many practical purposes for e-learning platforms and employee video communications.

There is a quiet revolution spreading through the business world. Companies of all sizes are using it, and in a variety of ways. Some solely employ it for internal purposes. Others use it to communicate internally and externally, especially with the buying public. What is it? Employee Generated Content (EGC) or Employee Generated Video (EGV).

Google's new Vice President of Diversity, Integrity, and Governance Danielle Brown faces a challenge as a sexist "manifesto" makes the rounds in the company's internal message boards and communications systems. How Brown navigates this persistent and public problem can teach all of us about internal communication in a large organization with many clashing viewpoints on company culture.

Each member of a company is just as valuable as the next, offering their own set of skills, insight and personality. As team members, your employees can work both individually and together to reach a common goal.

Internal employee communications is all about the proper training to get everyone on the same page.

Handling workers’ compensation claims can present a number of challenges, such as determining whether an injury is work-related and evaluating back-to-work accommodation requests

Some firms also report handling certain rule preparations or implementation activities poorly in some ways and well in other ways.

Staying Current on Employment Law Helps Avoid Liability

Many dentists dream of opening their own practices. And while they may have spent years refining their clinical skills, they are often less familiar with the business side of dentistry. This is especially true when it comes to employment law, an area of frequent claims against dental practice owners.

If there’s one thing that kills productivity, morale, and a company’s bottom line, it’s having to replace great employees. That’s why we need employee retention techniques.

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