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After you've spent resources onboarding your new employees, the true task becomes retaining them. Finding top talent and keeping them around is what makes most growing businesses competitive. New technology and the changing workforce is shifting the age-old processes HR managers have relied on.

To create a healthy, communicative relationship, managers can empower employees through check-ins, transparency and coaching sessions. These should occur frequently and consistently to gauge the employee's satisfaction and help him or her with areas that lead to struggles. Use a combination of engagement surveys and individual meetings so everyone has a chance to provide feedback in a comfortable setting.

Recruitment and retention is the lifeblood of a growing organization. Finding the right fit means finding a fit for your employee communication structure.

The debate over the employee benefits and compensation ramifications of paying versus not paying your interns is still raging. Unlike many other debates currently being argued in various spheres in the United States however, it’s fairly easy to look across the battlefield and see the perspective of the other side.

Employee engagement videos have revolutionized the way human resource departments conduct business. If part of HR’s job is to ensure all employees have the ability to collaborate and communicate with each other and their superiors, then employee engagement software is a vital tool to open employee communication lines and build expectations.

Most startup and emerging small companies are fairly unconcerned about human resource functions in their company. In fact, some entrepreneurs have a sense that human resources are all about strict guidelines, red tape, and ridiculous rules enforced by the HR Police- all things that could impede the growth and dynamics of a fast-growing company.

You may have heard us talk about emotional intelligence (EI) in the past. It’s mysterious. It’s catchy. And as it turns out, it’s an extremely valuable skill to have at work.

Advertisers will tell you your brand is everything. Branding and content are essential for selling products—and social media has to play a part in any digital marketing strategy these days—but they’re also crucial for hiring talent and helping your organization grow.

6 Trends for Talent in 2019

You know the end of the year is drawing close—your calendar is full of holiday parties and your office now officially has more festive popcorn canisters and gift baskets than desk space. But before you shut down for winter holidays, let’s take a moment to look to the future and anticipate some of the changes and trends that will shape our work in 2019. We’ve gathered insights from a number of leading practitioners into three main categories: People, Programs, and Technology. Read on for some food for thought that will help you prepare for the changes that are coming in 2019 and beyond.

More companies than ever before are trying to find the best talent they can before that talent even goes to college. It’s an effort to get a leg up in an increasingly competitive recruitment and retention battlefield for many industries.

The Army, Navy, and Air Force have implemented common standards for how they determine necessary staffing levels at their health clinics for a number of medical specialties—but haven’t done so for their dental clinics. As a result, DOD dental clinics may not be staffed as efficiently as possible to provide dental care across the military services.

Career Advice from Miya Maysent

Miya Maysent, vice president of talent development and diversity at J.C. Penney, shares her career journey and how she came into L&D.

Giving Tuesday has gone corporate. The event that was introduced in 2012 by New York’s 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation encourages consumers to donate to fundraisers and charities the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

Retailers this year anticipate paying seasonal workers an average of $13.70 an hour, a 54 percent jump from expected pay of $8.90 last year.

While veterans often face barriers entering the civilian job market after leaving the military, most find ways to leverage the skills they learned while serving to secure gainful employment, according to Monster’s 2018 Veteran Hiring survey.

Why is branding and content important? If you think of your ‘brand’ as your reputation, your ‘brand’ as an employer should be positive. A positive brand means a positive reputation, and your employee communications tactics will work better, and you’ll get better job candidates.

The “Real Hire” Shows Up in November

Welcome to November. New month. Same game. October is gone and Halloween is over – take your mask off, no more trick or treating here.

There will be fewer workers in the social care sector five years after leaving the EU, costing women over £315m a year in lost earnings as they are forced to give up work to fill this gap

Training and compliance programs are vital to the success of your business and employees. There are many employee training programs that companies incorporate into their culture to boost employee communications, productivity, and engagement.

New research shows that the majority of organizations are happy to hire employees without college degrees and then develop them.

CARMEL – Declines in emergency services volunteer staffing is plaguing not only Putnam County but communities across New York State as well as towns and villages throughout the United States.

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