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Creating an atmosphere of excellence and purpose takes time and patience. So does building a support system that favors employees and allows them to do their best every day.

As employee video communications rely more and more on automation and advanced networking technology, some employees might be uncomfortable with a system taking over their jobs. Here’s how to quell those concerns and use this fast-growing information technology field to your advantage.

Long-term reputations are made, or lost, on a company’s choice of purpose and goals

Chisholm Hunter strives to remain a ‘cut above’

How Harry Brown is using internal communication improvements to keep a 160-year-old jewelry store alive in Scotland.

Executives must create the corporate culture they want to see in the world.

How one Florida employer is preparing for Hurricane Irma

How one Florida real estate company is preparing for Hurricane Irma and the possibility of large-scale devastation.

Strong leadership leads to better engagement, or is it better engagement is a sign of strong leadership?

Food service giant Sodexo applies a consultant's attitude to leaving and returning employees.

Telecommuting has become a staple of many American companies in recent years, but allowing employees to work from home comes with inherent risks as well. That’s why an ironclad employee video communication system is all the more important.

Employee video communication is the future of business. Videos express ideas succinctly and engage employee attention far better than a poster email. Most forward-facing companies have already started to incorporate video into their employee communication systems, but the truly advanced companies are starting to use live stream video.

Promoting team spirit

Smells Like Team Spirit... if you can instill a team atmosphere from the top-down

Employee engagement is a choice

The long-term benefits of happy, engaged employees are immeasurable, if you make the choice to prioritize employee engagement at your organization.

Employee communications videos have quickly changed how Human Resources departments manage company-wide communications. How did this happen?

Most change management experts see their job as helping organizations change and improve. Companies that change fast can survive, but companies that embrace transformation thrive. What’s the difference?

Know your retirement plan options

Qualified retirement plans for employees provide safety nets for your workers after they retire, and tax breaks for you. They are beneficial to both sides, both directly and indirectly. Here are some retirement plan options that help both employees and employers.

Editor’s note: We’re doing a short, two-part series on the battle between Facebook’s Workplace and Slack in the internal communications tools realm. Read part one (written by yours truly, the editor) here. Jeff Myhre, an expert in entrepreneurship, Human Resources, and more, gives his take on the Workplace/Slack War based on his experience below:

In the United Kingdom, the Fit for Work initiative allows business leaders to refer employees for a Fit for Work assessment, which is designed to determine the obstacles to the employee coming back to work and develop a plan for them to return. According to a new study, only 7% of manufacturing organizations in the UK use this service. Should the US adopt a similar program?

There is a quiet revolution spreading through the business world. Companies of all sizes are using it, and in a variety of ways. Some solely employ it for internal purposes. Others use it to communicate internally and externally, especially with the buying public. What is it? Employee Generated Content (EGC) or Employee Generated Video (EGV).

Employee benefits aren’t always easy to provide and communicate to the workers that need them. This is why Human Resources departments have to continually create new innovations in employee communications to help employees sign up for the benefits packages that are right for them. The HR industry in all sectors is already moving ahead with lightning speed in this area.

Why employee engagement is key to growth driver

There's no doubt that the workplace is becoming more automated, but a recent study has shown that companies are looking for highly engaged employees who can marry technology with unique human abilities.

When an announcement is made about an upcoming team-building, intra-company event, it’s often greeted with a great deal of eye-rolling and heavy sighs. Employees shudder at the thought of the next painfully embarrassing activity that will be deemed appropriate by management as the perfect team-building exercise.

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