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Creating an atmosphere of excellence and purpose takes time and patience. So does building a support system that favors employees and allows them to do their best every day.

How Adobe manages to focus on customers and employees with their engagement efforts at the same time.

Recognizing employees for doing the job right increases the likelihood that they will continue to do so, enabling them to make a dramatic impression on the company

OC Tanner to acquire Accumulate Loyalty Services

Global employee recognition and workplace culture organisation OC Tanner is to acquire Australian employee recognition provider Accumulate Loyalty Services.

Every company in future will need to embrace digital

There is no one road to digital transformation. But firms must start down the path if they intend to become the disrupters and not the disrupted

HR departments keep their employees happy at work in many unique ways, from using employee video communications to send messages and train new employees to making sure there’s enough coffee in the break room. Making employees feel alive and fulfilled at work is a delicate balance that many HR departments struggle with.

Communication is the cornerstone of the success of any company. The word communication has a Latin origin that means to share, to mix or to unite. For a business to accomplish all three, they must have an effective communication strategy. And part of that strategy in today’s employee communications world, is HR communication videos.

Build the team and have some fun with these eight ideas

Discrimination in the workplace is not just an American problem. More minorities in leadership positions in the United Kingdom are reporting discrimination in their institutions.

Employee onboarding and hiring is a tricky thing, yet it’s necessary for any business to grow. New employees have to be the right fit and bring the right qualities, but if they do, they can push your business to the next level and foster a corporate culture that lasts and produces happy employees and big-time profits.

New staff moving in aren't the only ones that should have to adapt.

Survey finds 74 per cent of Canadians willing to take a pay cut for their ideal job

As employee video communications rely more and more on automation and advanced networking technology, some employees might be uncomfortable with a system taking over their jobs. Here’s how to quell those concerns and use this fast-growing information technology field to your advantage.

Long-term reputations are made, or lost, on a company’s choice of purpose and goals

Chisholm Hunter strives to remain a ‘cut above’

How Harry Brown is using internal communication improvements to keep a 160-year-old jewelry store alive in Scotland.

Executives must create the corporate culture they want to see in the world.

How one Florida employer is preparing for Hurricane Irma

How one Florida real estate company is preparing for Hurricane Irma and the possibility of large-scale devastation.

Strong leadership leads to better engagement, or is it better engagement is a sign of strong leadership?

Food service giant Sodexo applies a consultant's attitude to leaving and returning employees.

Telecommuting has become a staple of many American companies in recent years, but allowing employees to work from home comes with inherent risks as well. That’s why an ironclad employee video communication system is all the more important.

Employee video communication is the future of business. Videos express ideas succinctly and engage employee attention far better than a poster email. Most forward-facing companies have already started to incorporate video into their employee communication systems, but the truly advanced companies are starting to use live stream video.

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