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Retaining and attracting the best employees means offering more than competitive salaries. Thoughtful and useful benefits packages set up employees and your business for success. Just make sure you build communications systems that make it easy for your employees to sign up.

What are personalized benefits?

Personalized benefits are a new way to offer benefits.

Let’s face it, end-of-year compensation decisions are stressful. Even the most successful owners may lack the confidence needed to have meaningful discussions. Here’s a list of planning tips to improve employee pay meetings and ease the annual ritual.

House lawmakers voted 219-206 Thursday to approve a resolution outlining the body’s fiscal 2018 budget priorities, which include a number of controversial cuts to federal employees’ retirement and benefits programs.

At a time of profound volatility in the U.S. health system, change management is an essential skill for public and private leaders alike. For these leaders — and young people aspiring to careers as health care managers — one very practical question emerges: What are the critical skills for leading major change in our health system?

The average advertised salary for HR and recruitment roles has risen by 12 per cent in a year, the highest increase recorded in any sector over the same time period, new data has found.

It is unconstitutional to deny an injured employee workers' compensation benefits because of missed medical appointments, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled Tuesday.

Employee engagement videos are often seen as a quick fix to employee engagement problems. While videos can help with engagement, onboarding, internal communication, and more, they aren’t a panacea. What other myths are damaging employee engagement?

More than four-fifths (83%) of employee respondents whose employer currently contributes to their workplace pension in the UK value these contributions, according to research by The People’s Pension.

Employee retirement packages in New Jersey present a state budget problem.

There's high demand for labor of all kinds in America at the moment and the recession appears to be long behind us, yet employee compensation remains sluggish in many industries. Why?

As the War for Talent keeps escalating, more employers are offering additional benefits and perks to attract, retain and motivate talented employees -- including identity theft protection, according to IdentityForce’s 2017 Progressive Benefits Survey.

9 benefit trends to watch in 2018

Where will employee benefits end up in 2018? Here are nine rising trends affecting HR and benefits packages across all industries.

​​Having recently affirmed that there will be no postponement of the 2018 effective date for CEO pay ratio disclosure, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Sept. 21 issued interpretive guidance to assist companies in their efforts to comply with the pay ratio disclosure requirement comparing the compensation of the company’s CEO to that of the company’s “median employee.”

Here's how you can improve your employees' benefits plans without increasing cost.

5 steps to improving healthcare benefits ROI

For most companies, heath benefits are a significant financial investment and easily make up at least 30% of overall employee compensation. But many aren’t getting as much as they should in return.

Many companies are keeping their salaries relatively flat this year, according to a new survey.

How will Google respond to the ongoing lawsuit alleging unfair pay and promotion standards for female employees.

Make sure your employees know these seven facts about their HSA or FSAs before Open Enrollment

In the YouTube age, employees have high expectations of benefits-related video

Workers compensation questions for PC Franczek Radelet

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