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A look at some of the benefits of improving your internal communications using your intranet platform and how it can be used to get the best results

It was an observation that was simple and direct, but one that I obviously overlooked on opening day of the HR Tech Conference & Expo in Las Vegas.

In most organizations, feedback for everyone from managers to employees is critical to improvement and success. While some corporate communications tools have improved this process in many cases, many more employees still crave more. How can managers provide crucial feedback to help improve their employees’ work?

Preventing Communication Fires: A Manager's Guide To Setting Expectations

How to manage expectations and prevent possible miscommunication issues with your employees from the HR department.

How Important is Employee Engagement to Executives?

Executives are getting the message about employee engagement.

Newly appointed Dropbox Australia and New Zealand country manager Tony Ward has dismissed the threat of major tech giants Google and Microsoft in the collaborative documents space, saying the company's big advantage is that it has only one focus.

HR Technology Trends for 2017

New research has revealed how HR managers and executives need to shift with the market to meet new expectations and satisfy shifting needs of employees.

Microsoft is ending Skype's foray into business communications, packaging its communications tools into Microsoft Teams, the company's challenge to workplace collaboration startup Slack.

For Walmart, Facebook isn't a distraction from work. It's a way to make employees communicate better.

But workers reminded ‘starting from the bottom’ can prove dedication to the sector

American shares are up 1% this year. Here's why that's pretty good for an airline.

Flimp Communications Is Ready for Prime Time

It’s never too early to start preparing for open enrollment, as SHRM proved when it published its article Ready for Prime Time? Using Video in Benefits Communication at the end of May. The article features results from our 2015 case study report, but you can view our latest report here, which highlights results from 200 digital postcard campaigns.

An old dog can't learn new tricks, and sometimes, you don't need fancy new communication strategies to get your communicating done. All you need is an old-school approach.

Whether you like it or not, corporate communication tools are being delegated to artificial intelligence to help provide instant answers and information to employees and hiring managers in all kinds of industries and businesses. How is AI intersecting with HR?

We are living at a time when there are massive changes occurring in the business world, both in how products and services are offered to business and consumer audiences to the definitions of exactly what constitutes a workplace and employees. These changes are already happening in some arenas. What will the US workplace look like, as HR communications videos penetrate the market over the next eight years?

Adam Clyne, the former chief operating officer of the Lad Bible and ex-digital chief for EMEA at Weber Shandwick, has launched a new agency, Coolr, designed to help clients integrate Facebook’s enterprise platform Workplace into their organisation.

End-to-end email encryption is getting more attention as security and compliance concerns mount, but practical use cases are rapidly being eaten away by other technologies.

HR Technology Trends for 2017

Seven HR technology trends as Human Resources continues to utilize sophisticated technology.

Producing HR communications videos to communicate with employees is one of the most effective ways of disseminating information and of making it easy to access. Research has proved time and again that people retain what they see on video more than what they read.

Employee communications solutions try to make communication what it really is—a two-way street. These solutions engage employees and urge them to participate in the communication exchange with management.

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