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The latest tools and apps for employee communication, video messaging, employee engagement, recruiting, onboarding, retention, and more.

As employee video communications rely more and more on automation and advanced networking technology, some employees might be uncomfortable with a system taking over their jobs. Here’s how to quell those concerns and use this fast-growing information technology field to your advantage.

The tactics--and offbeat questions--Inc. 500 founders and execs use to thrive.

According to recent surveys, Artificial Intelligence is here to stay, and many business owners are jumping at the new opportunities it's providing.

Corporate communication tools include the many platforms and systems Human Resources managers and company executives use to help their employees perform at their best and facilitate a web of communication between all workers. These tools can also be used help bridge the soft skills gap that can open in companies of all industries, particularly tech and software development.

Telecommuting has become a staple of many American companies in recent years, but allowing employees to work from home comes with inherent risks as well. That’s why an ironclad employee video communication system is all the more important.

After the latest wave of cyber attacks, Wire's Alan Duric urges organizations to embrace end-to-end encryption.

Employee video communication is the future of business. Videos express ideas succinctly and engage employee attention far better than a poster email. Most forward-facing companies have already started to incorporate video into their employee communication systems, but the truly advanced companies are starting to use live stream video.

Fund management must change from an industry into a profession

An industry-wide ethical code would help give City executives meaning and purpose in their roles

Video has become a significant part of our everyday and personal lives. We are bombarded with a variety of visual stories and videos of our family, friends, and important events in our lives. We just cannot get enough of video communication and interaction.

Geofencing might be one of the most powerful employee communication tools recruiters can use to reach younger generations of workers for their company.

Employee benefits websites have become very popular with HR departments across almost all industries in recent years. As more employee benefits systems move to the cloud or online, flexibility in benefits administration is key.

Editor’s note: We’re doing a short, two-part series on the battle between Facebook’s Workplace and Slack in the internal communications tools realm. Read part one (written by yours truly, the editor) here. Jeff Myhre, an expert in entrepreneurship, Human Resources, and more, gives his take on the Workplace/Slack War based on his experience below:

The great corporate communication tools war is upon us. When Slack entered the marketplace, it changed how corporate communication tools were used in the workplace. It allowed teams to instantly communicate with each other, as well as share files, no matter who worked where. Then Facebook introduced Workplace, drawing some users away from Slack with its ease of use. Which service will be the victor? The answer is complicated.

A new revolution in corporate communications software is emerging steadily and involves an innovation called cloud-based platforms. These platforms are dramatically changing the way companies interact and communicate with their employees.

Employee benefits aren’t always easy to provide and communicate to the workers that need them. This is why Human Resources departments have to continually create new innovations in employee communications to help employees sign up for the benefits packages that are right for them. The HR industry in all sectors is already moving ahead with lightning speed in this area.

Involve Me And I Learn: Video As A Teaching Tool

Which level of engagement can you afford that will allow your employees to retain the knowledge you need them to have? Learn how learning works and your employees will respond.

What Is A Digital Postcard?

Open enrollment and other benefits communications, new hire and training resources, even general employee resource centers can be created, distributed and easily maintained in a digital postcard format. But what exactly are they and how do they work?

Sometimes managing change in a younger workforce comes down to the corporate communication tools you have in place.

When applying for a job, one of the biggest things potential employees look for is a healthy benefits package, which includes vacation time, holidays, paid sick leave, paid personal time off, some retirement options, and health insurance.

Mobile technology is growing beyond being the latest trend or convenience and is putting down roots as an everyday necessity for modern American society.

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