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Why Regular Maintenance of Your Video Library is Crucial

02 July 2018
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You know what words very rarely come to mind when I think of a company’s video library?

Current. Fresh. Exciting. Modern.

Businesses have a lot of priorities and taking the time to go through your video library for regular maintenance and improvements is often very low on the list. This is understandable, but a big mistake on the part of a company. If your video library is in desperate need of maintenance or the addition of new explainer videos, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Use the latest metric tracking software to monitor your video library’s impact in real time

The days of filming a video on a cheap webcam and putting it on an actual tape are over. Taking a little bit of time now to install the proper software can provide real information you’ll need to maintain your video library in the future such as:

  • A video’s performance, metrics, and conversion rate on social media
  • How many employees watched a video
  • Whether employees clicked any links prompted through a video
  • Percentage of employees that signed up for particular benefits they learned about through a video
  • Real time comments and discussion on the video’s content to create employee engagement and provide feedback
  • How many potential employees respond to a video recruitment vs. a normal job ad
  • Effect of videos on employee onboarding

Video library maintenance isn’t just making sure you have a video covering every topic. It includes measuring important metrics to really track whether you have an effective video so you can repeat its success in the future.

Incorporate eye-catching graphics and character animation to keep your employees’ attention

Videos in your video library can lose employee attention fast if there’s no fun or humor to them. We’ve all had the experience of sitting through a college class where the professor with the monotone voice and world’s most boring slideshow goes on for what feels like 19 hours in a single class, right?

Well no matter how important your video content is, certain subjects will simply be painfully boring to employees if not presented well.

Graphics and character animation add a level of whimsy and fun which will keep an employee watching a video on just about any topic. Educational YouTube channels get hundreds of millions of views by simply offering a well-put-together graphic video, why shouldn’t your company have the same success?

Remove outdated and/or irrelevant company policies and information

Companies regularly update policies including health insurance and employee benefits and compensation. When you perform regular maintenance on your video library, you’ll see that deadlines and other relevant information need to be updated by making a new video. This is a great chance to identify other elements of the video that could improve and compare the performance of the two for your company’s continuous improvement.

On a similar subject, if your company has been around for a long time, consider digging through your material to be sure you don’t have any outdated and offensive videos. It just takes one disgruntled employee to leak something on social media and you’ll be Internet famous forever for all the wrong reasons.

Customize your video impact with interviews, testimonials, and professional whiteboard presentations

I spoke earlier about using graphics to make a video more fun. The above are tools to make a video more successful and informative without losing the engagement. Interviews and testimonials add the necessary human connection that make video such a compelling medium and professional whiteboard presentations are one of the best ways to convey complex topics in an easy-to-understand way.

Identify and remove links that are no longer active

This might sound small, but I saved it for last because it’s the most important. It’s easy to look at your company website, see a link to an important video, and think ‘well good I’m glad that’s there’ without going further. Regularly check to see that there are no problems with the servers your videos are kept on to avoid embarrassing situations such as clicking a company link during an international presentation and finding an error message.

Elizabeth Woodard

Liz Woodard is an office veteran who's fascinated by office dynamics and believes that applied behavioral psychology can go far towards managing a company well. Find her at http://www.lizwoodard.com/.

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