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Improve Your Employee Communication with These Hot Video Communications Features

29 August 2018
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Employee communication is all about getting the same messages out to the people who need information. It’s also about personalizing communications so that each employee gets the information they need to do their jobs well and make good decisions. Video communications is great, but what features separate some communications platforms from others?

Video communications can only be as effective as the people using it. So before we get to specific features of video comms platforms, remember that you and your employees need to be well-versed in virtual communications skills, including asking questions and getting regular progress reports. The key is adding in as much information as possible into any virtual communications system, whether it’s an instant messaging service, a video chat room, an all-inclusive intranet platform, or anything in between. Once you understand how to work around the basic disadvantages of not being in the room with each individual employee one at a time (body language, etc.), you’ll start getting the most out of your video communications system.

Here are a few features that can help you get your employee communications going using video.

Fast, Affordable, Professional Video Production

Companies offering video production services these days for Human Resources and other functions are making it easier and easier to produce branded content. Video providers are competing with each other to bring customers useful video content they can customize and use quickly and easily.

Look for production assistance help. Does your video communications company offer readymade explainer videos available for purchase? Do they offer starter scripts and video templates designed to hold your branded content? Another issue is their ability to create animations and graphics to fit with your content. There should be multiple options for you, from simply timing graphics to your slides in your existing deck to producing a fully-branded, custom video based on your specifications. These options make the video production process much faster and easier.

Microsites and Digital Postcards

Sometimes, especially when dealing with employee benefits plans and other employee-level decision-making, you have to give your employees access to the information they need even when you’re not exactly sure what information will be pertinent to each of them. Digital postcards and microsites are ways you can produce information in a way that lives online for your employees to use at their discretion. A microsite or digital postcard can contain video files and written information all in one place. The easier these videos and microsites are to open and use, the better engagement you’ll get from them. This is an option not all video production companies offer, but they can be a lower-cost option to get your information in the hands of your workers.

Decision Support

Video can also be used in conjunction with decision support portals, giving employees information before they enter in their preferences for health care and other benefits. Videos used with interactive tools are particularly helpful in this area.


Video is a powerful tool for all HR professionals in today’s workplace. Make sure you’re getting everything you need to help your employees make the right decisions and thrive at your company.

Ben Renner

Ben Renner is an HR expert, writer, and Senior Editor of the Employee Communications Council. He has lived and managed his own business in Denver, Colorado since 2013. Connect with him on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ben-renner-97708099/

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