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Tools and Apps: Five HR Tools the Bosses Use

01 October 2018
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The workplace environment and employee communications are forever changing. The demands on today's managers are more challenging than ever. Bosses are looking for ways to help leaders manage their workflow and employees more effectively. New communication and recruitment tools and apps are helping many accomplish this task.

Managers now have access to employee communication tools and apps that can help them perform their jobs more efficiently and manage their workers better in a demanding work environment. Here are five HR tools and apps that busy bosses are incorporating into their work and enhancing the workplace for them and their employees.

ZipRecruiter Can Help Find Top Talent

Hiring managers are no longer sifting through tons of resumes in pursuit of the perfect candidate. Many of them are turning to a quicker and reliable recruiting tool called ZipRecruiter, instead. ZipRecruiter can reach a large volume of top talent and bring them directly to your email. Bosses and hiring teams can connect with qualified candidates immediately. It is fast, simple, and easy to fill an important position or find a superior candidate with limited effort and without stress. ZipRecruiter does all the recruiting legwork for you, and all the manager must do is interview the best talent. That simple.

Labor Time Tracker Tracks Your Employee's Time Better

Managers are seeking ways to make tracking an employee's time on the job easier. Labor Time Tracker keep bosses from having to use physical time sheets to track their employees’ hours. With Labor Time Tracker, employees punch in their hours on a virtual card. The boss can instantly see who is on the clock and who is not. Moreover, Labor Time Tracker can manage overtime pay, as well as operate in several time zones. It is a convenient and more efficient way to track your employee's time with accuracy.

Upwork Makes Finding Quality Independent Contractors Simple

Often, managers need to find an independent contractor with expertise for special projects. Upwork.com can help bosses find quality contractors for short-term projects that unexpectedly come up.

Maybe, you are looking for a writer, programmer or designer for an upcoming assignment. With Upwork, you can post your job and receive bids from top contractors. Upwork.com allows you to connect with promising contractors and view examples of their work, too. It is an excellent tool to use when you need to find reliable contractors for short-term projects quickly.

TribeHR helps Bosses Manage Employees More Effectively

Executives who work in small business environments may find managing people while keeping up with other pertinent duties challenging. TribeHR can help the busy small office boss handle a variety of management functions to free up their time. TribeHR can help bosses manage employee time off, performance evaluations, recruitment, and other employee-related functions.

Do.com Helps You Communicate with Your Employees

Do.com is another new tool that is making the lives of busy bosses easier. Do.com allows you to assign duties to employees with the capability to communicate or chat about assignments. A manager can leave an important message for the business manager to create an expense report or ask an independent contractor to comment on the progress of a task. Furthermore, you can plan more productive meetings with your staff using Do.com. This productivity app helps you organize, execute, and plan your staff meetings more efficiently and bring the team together.


These are just a few of the HR tools and apps that managers are incorporating into their work. As technology continues to advance, more tools & apps will be available for busy managers who need extra help managing their time, employees, and office duties. Innovative new methods of employee communication are out there and waiting for managers to use. Why don't you give them a try? You have nothing to lose, and a lot to gain from utilizing them.

Eric Brown

Eric Brown is a writer, reporter, and television talk-show host. He researches and writes about many different employment topics. Eric has interviewed a variety of human resources specialists and employment experts for television programs. He has been a television host and commentator for several television shows and networks.

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