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Engaging millennials is more important now than ever for businesses and Human Resources departments. Generation Y is changing the face of work in many industries and businesses large and small need to adapt to their needs or risk losing out on burgeoning talent.

The Key to Keeping Millennials Engaged at Work

05 July 2017
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“An engaged workforce is optimal from an organizational performance point of view.” - Peter J. Martel, senior talent development consultant at Harvard Business School (Harvard University)

Engaging your younger generations in the workplace is a whole different ball game from employee communication and employee engagement for others. It requires more mutual understanding and flexibility, something other generations aren’t always willing to fight for.

We go into every new workplace with a specific, ideal environment in mind, something that keeps us challenged and interested but also gives us purpose. There are many tips on how to keep those 20-somethings involved but I want to dive in deeper, from a millennial perspective, and discuss the bigger picture.

We Want to Be Involved

If there is a new project or potential new opening in a different department, we like to be aware. We are always looking to learn new things and be a team player. If you have a new venture that could use a younger perception to help with marketing or customer sales, allow collaboration and get opinions from all sides of the spectrum.

Millennials don’t see these as competition or a way to step on anyone’s toes, we just want to feel valued and a part of the team dynamic. This can help build employee and supervisor relationships, strengthen problem-solving skills and showcase what each employee can bring to the table. Millennials like to have their voice heard when it comes to internal communications and major company decisions. Surveys are great for this, for example, in the ECC 2017 Employee Video Communications Report, employees are allowed to give their input on how they view video information from their internal HR departments.

We Want Work to Coincide with Life, Not Overshadow It

Planning company events, offering personal development training and allowing flexibility will keep millennials more engaged at their jobs.

When we are able to see our jobs as meaningful and enjoyable, it doesn’t seem like work and makes us want to work even harder to keep it. Plan a team building event or a team retreat to allow employees to get to know each other and get outside of your typical work environment. Millennials love this because they love to be social and they value teamwork. If you offer training to your employees, you’re allowing them to expand on their skills, thus making them feel like you want them to succeed, not only in their job but in life! We are always looking for new ways to better ourselves so this would be a way to keep things fresh.

Flexibility in the work place is also a HUGE factor for the younger generations because we are constantly on the go and trying to make every day worth it. When we are able to create our own schedules, it allows us to find our peak times for creativity and productivity. With a flexible schedule, we are able to focus more on things like fitness and health. Offering wellness classes allows your employees to have a clear mind and more energy, which, in turn, leads to better results in their work.

We Want to Be Allowed Opportunities That Pertain to Our Interests

It is a major decision factor when a millennial is offered a job that not only allows you to advance but to hone in on your interests. I am personally into marketing and public relations so when I am offered a job for say, an administrative position, and they say I could potentially work with the marketing department if I prove myself, then I take it automatically.

This gives us motivation to stay engaged and work harder while absorbing any piece of information about the company we can find. When employers don’t keep their employees in a box and allows their innovation and inspiration to flow, it gives us more of a reason to stay.

Millennials aren’t always about moving up the ladder but trying to find happiness within their careers in one way or another.

As a millennial, these methods will assist in increasing engagement which will encourage job longevity. We want to find our place in the world but we aren’t willing to settle, we always expect more for ourselves. HR professionals are superheroes in their own right but it is our job as the newer generation to help them understand our views and expectations as an employee. Employees that are involved, live a fulfilled lifestyle and embrace their interests within the workplace are going to be the most successful individuals for your company. How we incorporate these points will be a step towards securing a prosperous future for the organization, not to mention, it will make the workplace a happier place to be.

Hannah Greenwood

Hannah Greenwood is 25 years old and originally from Manchester, NH. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from Barry University in Miami, FL. Hannah runs Blonde Boss Media, which helps small local businesses achieve their marketing goals. Hannah writes about Millennials in the workplace for ECC.

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